Press Maru

Press Maru

Friends. Japan. Comedy. And video games. Come join us, as we dive into the current video game and Japanese news, let the train derail, and have a few laughs along the way in this weekly podcast.

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    34: Hello Kitty Teddy Bear

    Playing some of that kingdom hearts 3 finally! I know more Brawl stars.... More mobile Nintendo games? New Nintendo store in Shibuya! Got some Dragonball news. And must more in store for you this week!

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    33: Poop Dad

    Yo its that time! Kingdom Hearts 3 is comin out so sooooooon. chess? Pokemon Shirts? Brawl Stars. Some Read Dead! Well, there's that and so much more!!

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    32: This is me now

    Yall like that Pokemon named Eevee? How about Kindom Hearts. Do you have a friend named Tama that went to Shibuya to see what it has to offer? Need some Wow factor in your streaming? Maybe some toys to life gaming!? Chess. Horror games!? Well, there's that and so much more.

    Also sorry about the audio, some dumb dumb name Grant forgot the good microphone. Maybe, he's also typing this out in 3rd person as well!?

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    31: What did you do to my Tetris!?

    Tetris, Red dead, Brawl Stars, that new Super Mario game. Yall like that Super Smash brother? How do you eat a burrito? Offline Sekiro? CES 2019! Tons of Xbox news and more this week!

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    29: Grilled Cheese

    Yall like that Beat Saber? Maybe some VR chat? Anyone else a Mobile Gamer!? Chess... Totoro, Ponyo, spirited away! Also a free one-way ticket to flavor town!

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    27: That Masayoshi is so hot right now

    Ayyyeee its that time. We are talking about our reactions to Streamer Camp. I might mention my brother a few times. Some Brawl Stars. Chess and so much more!

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    26: Sorry Karaokeさん

    Ayyyeee its that time! We got Game of the Year talk. Super Smash! Tetris. Chess. Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu! Spyro! Monster Hunter! Some Ninja talk? League Of Legends. Overcooked 2.

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    25: Vita means life!


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