Press Maru

Press Maru

Friends. Japan. Comedy. And video games. Come join us, as we dive into the current video game and Japanese news, let the train derail, and have a few laughs along the way in this weekly podcast.

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    25: Vita means life!


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    24: ピカチュウ025

    Ayyeee its that time of the week. Battlefield V. Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu! Tetris. Call of Duty IIII. Super Mario Party!! Diablo. Maybe we have a new special guest!? Yall see that Wreck it Ralph !?

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    23: Is it ぼくは?

    Aaaayyyyeeeeee, its that time of the week. Yall like them Pokemon? Tetris Effects? Or just two man-children talk about the good old N64 days? The interesting lack of PlayStation at E3? Well, there's that and so much more!!!!

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    22: God tier bird kingdom

    Yo yo yo yo yo, how yall doin. Sorry I'm a lil late but here we go. Spyro, hitman, Blizzcon newzzz, Fallout? Pokemon, the new Tetris Effect! new McDonalds foodz日本で, and of course some of that Red Dead Re-Redemption 2. Maybe some chess talk. But there's that an so much more!!!!!!!

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    21: Kirby #1 Victory Royal

    Yeah boizzzz. Its that time of the week. We are talkin about a bunch of games. Moonlighter, Tetris effect, Red Dead Redemption 2, Taiko Drummer, Super Smash Brothers, Diablo, Mobile FF14, a new teaser game from the Undertale creator, all featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series.

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    Offshoot: Twitchcon 2018 yo

    Yo yo yo! All things Twitchcon 2018 this episode. Likes and dislikes, naw what I'm saying. Like Deadass yo.

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    20: Pokemon Gobama

    It's that time! We need that Red Dead Redemption 2 now! Arena of Valor! Soul Calibur VI. Bring back the Final Fantasy 14! Maple Story 2. Of course that Pokemon Go. Diablo. Elon Musk. Yall like that Fortnite?

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    19: He did it!

    Assassins creed! Lego gamezzz. Some Starlink! NBA? For Honour! Soul Calibur. Dark Souls! Maple Story 2.... Arena Of Valor! New instant ramen! Well, there is that more!!!!!

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    18: *Clap for excitement*

    Its that time of the week! Disgaea! Bowsette!? Call of Dudez Black Ops 4 Battle Royal. Arena of Valor!! Some would say too much Arena of Valor... Chess! World of Warcraft! Some Blizzard talk. Dragalia lost. Red Box? Pokemon Go. Totoro beer? Harry Potter! Toys to life gaming is fun! Nerd out about Japan. Well, there's that and so much more!!!!!!!!!!

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